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Housing Stabilization Services

HSS is a new Medicaid benefit in Minnesota that has the potential to make a big impact on homelessness. These services are designed to help people with disabilities and seniors find and maintain stable housing. When affordable housing alone is not enough, services like those provided through Housing Stabilization Services can make the difference between just a place to live and long-term stability and health.

Housing Stabilization Service providers can assist eligible adults with:

  • Searching for and applying for housing that is affordable and in a chosen location.

  • Creating a budget.

  • Understanding the rental process and the lease.

  • Finding funding for deposits and moving costs.

  • Understanding and applying for disability services.

  • Understanding and applying for other financial assistance programs.

  • Navigating housing issues with management and other residents.

  • Keeping your housing.

Who is eligible?

  • Adults who have a waiver such as CADI, DD, BI, EW, or CAC waiver

  • Adults who do not have a waiver but have all of the options listed below:

  • A disability

  • Medical Assistance (Prepaid Health Plans Accepted)

  • Unstable housing conditions

  • A living situation that is provider-led and you want to move into a more independent setting

  • Typically, a person’s county case manager is the one who first refers them to us for HSS services, but we can also make contact with the county case manager on their behalf. To begin, dial (612) 548-1433 or submit the online form. We can address your concerns and offer you the assistance you require.

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